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Nova Scotia Fitness Association

Where fitness and education meet! 

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NEW!! To download the Presenter Application for our annual Exercise Leadership Summit, please visit the ELS23 page.

To find or verify a certified exercise educator in your area on our Provincial Registry of Exercise Professionals, please visit our Registry page.

To learn about our certification process, including for Personal Training certification, please visit our Certifications page.

To for dates & times, and to register & pay for for our courses or events, please visit our Events & Courses page.

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We train and represent exercise educators in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland & Labrador.  We support education and promotion of exercise, fitness and good health in each province. We also represent our members in Fitness Leadership Canada.
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Welcome to The NSFA!


     The NSFA was formed in 1989 to provide Nova Scotians with a clear standard for evaluating the quality of fitness leadership in the province & to promote professionalism in the industry.  We are a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO). We teach certification courses, host exams, offer continuing education workshops and an annual conference, provide instructor insurance, and liaise with national and international exercise registries on behalf of our members.

     Our members serve 66 individual communities in Nova Scotia & see an average of 25,000 Nova Scotians per week.  We also host a provincial online registry of our instructors so Nova Scotians can verify their credentials or search for an exercise educator in their area. 

     NSFA certifications are recognized nationally and are transferable to any FLC-member partner organization in every province/territory in Canada.  Our members can also transfer internationally to countries which are members of ICREPs.  Please see our FLC & ICREPS page for further details.


The NSFA is pleased to announce we have changed the names of two of our certifications.

Resistance Trainers (RT) will now be known as Weight Trainers (WT), which is in line with current industry naming & hiring standards. There are no changes to the standards of practice, course curriculum, or exams & evaluations.

Older Adult Leader certification (OAL) will now be known as ADE - Adapting for Diversity in Exercise. This is because we recognize adaptations in exercise for disabilities or severe illnesses can be needed by any client at any age, not just for seniors. Also, not all seniors require an adapted fitness program either.  The wording of the standards of practice will be updated to reflect this more inclusive name.

The new logos for WT and ADE are:


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